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Take care of your thoughts and
take charge of your life
With Lori M. Kerce, MSW
Life Coach
Emotional Wellness Educator

When you make plans for the future, or dream of "someday," do you allow the needs of others to override your own?

Are you tired of always letting negative beliefs and self-criticism keep you from achieving what you want?

Do you want to start making more productive or healthier changes to your life but can't seem to find the motivation?

Today's the day to change all that.
Let's get started!
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My Coaching Style 

“Remember that if you really want to motivate yourself, love is more powerful than fear.”-- Kristin Neff

For over 25 years, I have been working with women going through a change in their circumstances or status, whether positive or negative, planned or sudden. I offer them a safe, comfortable place to re-examine their own values and purpose, as well as giving them tools to replace negative and unproductive thoughts and behavioral patterns with a healthier mindset and outlook, along with self-compassion.

I most often use exercises and tools used in cognitive-behavioral therapies based on the theory that what we think determines how we feel and ultimately how we behave. These techniques may include:

  • mindfulness training

  • relaxation techniques

  • guided imagery

  • identifying, challenging, and restructuring your harmful beliefs 

  • written and/or art journaling   

A Word about Coaching vs. Therapy

Licensed social workers or therapists may diagnose conditions or treat serious mental health conditions, and often focus on past traumas.  As a coach, I do not. I work with you as a partner, focused on your future and the goals you wish to achieve.

If during our work together I feel that you are in need of additional help, I will recommend that you see a licensed professional.

If you are going through a crisis and you need help now, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

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